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This is a weatherstation and livecam in Schutterwald near Offenburg (Germany). Here you can find timlapses of whole days, motion detection movies, snaphots, weather graphs and some other weather stuff.

On the right you can see a snapshot which was taken a few minutes ago (click to enlarge).

Current Weather Data (Syntax: Local Data / Local Data | Adapted from wundergound :

Documentation | News | Interval between updates of data: 5 minutes | Last reload: 02.12.2015 00:43:03 (local time)

Weather Graphs

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Dewpoint by day Dewpoint by day Dewpoint by day Dewpoint by day Dewpoint by day Dewpoint by day

The graphs are generated by Munin and are updated every 5 minutes.

Latest Timelapses

Tip: Watch the videos with turned on HD (only available on Vimeo) and fullscreen.

All available Timelapses:

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Last Hour

These snapshots are updated every five minutes. The right one was taken five minutes after the left one. Which ist the last taken snapshot.

Now Five minutes after 'Now'

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Last Day

These snapshots are updated every hour. The left one was taken at the last full hour and the right one the hour before last full hour:

Last full hour Hour before last full hour

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Best Snapshots

The snapshots below are the best snapshots which were taken by the webcam:

Abendrot Vogel

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Latest Motions

Here you can find a sorted archive (German) of detected motions...

Best Motions

Some of the best motions (in my opinion) are these: